Just imagine yourself immersed in the beautiful waters of Aitutaki and swimming beside one of gods beautiful and majestic creations, “The Humpback Whale” or how about a thrilling and exhilarating whale watching experience taking photos from the comfort of our boat.

From July thru to October, we can certainly bring this to fruition. It is the warmer waters of the pacific that attracts these migrating Humpback whales through the waters of the Cook Islands so that the cows (mother whale) can give birth to their calves (baby) whilst the bulls (males) follow. Once the calves are strong enough to swim and hold their breaths for longer periods underwater, it is then that they make the journey south to cooler Antarctic waters.

These close encounters with the whales are truly a humbling experience and a magical moment which will not only leave you in awe but will be etched in your hearts and minds forever!

“Add this to your bucket list of things to do”. 

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Tour options available:

 Private Whale Charter: 2.5hrs

8am – 10.30am

11am – 1.30pm

2pm – 4.30pm

Avoid clutter & have the boat purely to yourselves, enjoy your very own adventurous and personalised private whale charter to swim with the whales, or simply watch them from the boat or both. Whatever option you decide, is simply your choice to make. It is a simple as that.

NZD$550 for 2 people,

Includes: snorkel gears & lite refreshments.

Whale Excursion: 2.5hrs

First trip 9.30am – 12.00pm

Second trip 1.15pm – 3.45pm

Join other enthusiasts on an exhilarating whale adventure to watch and swim with the Humpback whales.

NZD$180per person

 NZD$350 per couple.

  • with all our tours, we do highly recommend that you bring with you a hat, sunscreen, towel and don’t forget your camera!
  • must have own transport to/from dive shop, If you require return transfers, a fee of NZD$10pp will apply.